Friday, August 14, 2009

You know the song, "It's Finally Friday" and boy is it ever true...had a wonderful week at so much to see my babies on Wednesday and Friday nights (thank you Summer for allowing me this gift) and add G and her family to the scenerio for three nights this much more blessed can a girl get? Tomorrow "G" and I will be going to Andy's funeral (I still cannot believe he is gone) and then to Home Depot or somewhere to get a belt for the lawn mower (YUCK) but my wonderful son is going to replace it for me. Hope I will get to see my boy toys sometime this weekend...Gary had a minor procedure done today but everything turned out well so that is good news. And I got to help with registration at Fairforest Middle School today and had a BALL! (OK I know I have no life if I enjoyed doing registration) But I was in withdrawal as this was the first time in over 20 years I have not opened school. Plus I actually got to see an old teacher of mine (he taught me math when I was in the 7th grade) and he is still volunteering at the school - isn't that amazing? Hope everyone has a superfantastic weekend. Love, Nana :>

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tonight we received word that one of "G" and her best friend, Amy - that their friend, Andy Sikes had passed away today. Andy was one of those guys who would light up a room when he walked in and he never met a stranger. Once you met him, you could not help but like him. He would just pop in at the house - or call on the telephone when you would least expect him. Please keep his parents, brother and his family in your thoughts and prayers....because I know this is an extremely difficult time for the entire family.

One of my first memories of Andy was when his Grandmother and I taught preschool choir at Oak Grove Baptist Church - she LOVED to talk about Andy and his twin brother Mitch but usually it was about Andy. They seemed to have such a special bond and I know they are singing together now.

Friday, August 7, 2009

It is finally Friday and the weekend is looking like it is going to be absolutely wonderful! Had a great week at work, tonight I am doing laundry (OK not so much fun but...), tomorrow going shopping with "G" at the Gaffney Mall and then later on over to Gary's for dinner with he, Roland and some of their friends and then after that, I get to "stay" with my oldest babies while Jamie and Summer have some time with their friends. Then on to church on Sunday....boy does it seem I have the blueprint for my weekend already laid out but I do work better with a plan in mind and some goals to accomplish.

Life is GREAT and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me and my beautiful family (whom I LOVE very much!).

Love, Nana :>

PS - pictures anybody??????

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well it is almost hump day! How many more hours until 5 o'clock somewhere???? JK Had an absolutely wonderful time with Andrew and Zac Saturday night...went to Fuji to eat dinner, went shopping at Wally World (I am a redneck), then on to DQ for ice cream (Zac said he wanted what Andrew got and it scared me and Andrew both but he ate it and said it was really good - you go Zac!!!).

Just about everyone is back at work now - the printers are working overtime as well as the copiers! I think I am still trying to get into the groove of working again...I keep losing stuff which is not like me at all....but I will get it together - eventually.

Saturday night I am having dinner with my two favorite boy toys again - Gary and Roland and some of their friends....he said we were having surf and turf so I am looking forward to that. Should be a laugh a minute and I hope Gary will play his guitar some more...he use to play for me years ago and I LOVED IT! Always have been crazy about music! Guess I just won't grow up will I?

Have a great afternoon and much love from my house to yours (OMG I sound like Paula Deen now).


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can you believe it is actually August already? You know that my favorite time of the year will be just around the corner - CHRISTMAS! I bet Wal Mart and all of those places will be getting ready for the decorations to be out in the next month.

Had a great dinner last night with Gary and Roland - went to Talltales Fish Camp (the food was OK but with Gary and Roland - you laugh yourself silly at those two - never a dull moment) - which is exactly what I need right now. Then came back by Gary's house and he played me a CD of some songs he had written and recorded. Today I am hitting the housework and yardwork and then I get to have my two oldest grandbabies with me tonight - Andrew and Zac (still can't get use to spelling it that way) - and I know we will have a wonderful time together.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Love to all, Nana Deb :>

Friday, July 31, 2009

Well I have been back to work for five days now and have survived BUT I am definitely looking forward to the weekend....I am having dinner tonight with two of my favorite "boy toys" - Gary and Roland, and hope I get to spend some time with my "babies" this weekend (how about another cookout????). I do know I have got to get the grass cut b/c with all of this rain, my yard is looking like a jungle.

And if anyone has a chance (hint hint), I would really LOVE some pictures of the wedding so I can take them to Walgreens and get them developed and have them on my desk. Blessings to all, Nana :>

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update from Nana

Where do I begin? I has been four months since I have been on here - alot to catch up on....first my 57th birthday! My kids were absolutely amazing - as usual to me and Mother's Day...OMG - could it get any better? Jamie and his family gave me a sticker for my back window with "NANA'S BABIES" on it (I just about cried) and "G" and her family gave me a bistro set for my "mini patio" in the back yard...then Jamie and I found a couple of chairs that matched it at Sam's so it really is nice....I can go out there in the evening after it cools off and sit and relax and play with Molly and Minnie.

And then last week, "G" and Sam and Ryan tied the knot on the beach at was a beautiful service and time for all of family is now totally complete!

I have been on vacation for the last week and a half and am getting ready to get "back in the groove" so to speak least I have been getting up early so that won't be too hard.

And today, OMG what an absolutely wonderful time I had...everyone came over for the Martin/Hines/Vezina Family Fun Day (I cooked pot roast) and it was delicious and I so enjoyed having my entire family here with me.

As soon as I get some pictures I will post them.

Love to all, Nana Deb