Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update from Nana

Where do I begin? I has been four months since I have been on here - alot to catch up on....first my 57th birthday! My kids were absolutely amazing - as usual to me and Mother's Day...OMG - could it get any better? Jamie and his family gave me a sticker for my back window with "NANA'S BABIES" on it (I just about cried) and "G" and her family gave me a bistro set for my "mini patio" in the back yard...then Jamie and I found a couple of chairs that matched it at Sam's so it really is nice....I can go out there in the evening after it cools off and sit and relax and play with Molly and Minnie.

And then last week, "G" and Sam and Ryan tied the knot on the beach at was a beautiful service and time for all of family is now totally complete!

I have been on vacation for the last week and a half and am getting ready to get "back in the groove" so to speak least I have been getting up early so that won't be too hard.

And today, OMG what an absolutely wonderful time I had...everyone came over for the Martin/Hines/Vezina Family Fun Day (I cooked pot roast) and it was delicious and I so enjoyed having my entire family here with me.

As soon as I get some pictures I will post them.

Love to all, Nana Deb


  1. Well, Its about time you updated this thing! It sounds funny the "Martin/Hines/Vezina" family fun! At least from now on it won't get any longer....LOL! We Love you!!!

  2. This is true...I am trying hard to get back in a routine of that I am footloose and fancy free (THANK GOD) again!