Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can you believe it is actually August already? You know that my favorite time of the year will be just around the corner - CHRISTMAS! I bet Wal Mart and all of those places will be getting ready for the decorations to be out in the next month.

Had a great dinner last night with Gary and Roland - went to Talltales Fish Camp (the food was OK but with Gary and Roland - you laugh yourself silly at those two - never a dull moment) - which is exactly what I need right now. Then came back by Gary's house and he played me a CD of some songs he had written and recorded. Today I am hitting the housework and yardwork and then I get to have my two oldest grandbabies with me tonight - Andrew and Zac (still can't get use to spelling it that way) - and I know we will have a wonderful time together.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Love to all, Nana Deb :>

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