Friday, August 14, 2009

You know the song, "It's Finally Friday" and boy is it ever true...had a wonderful week at so much to see my babies on Wednesday and Friday nights (thank you Summer for allowing me this gift) and add G and her family to the scenerio for three nights this much more blessed can a girl get? Tomorrow "G" and I will be going to Andy's funeral (I still cannot believe he is gone) and then to Home Depot or somewhere to get a belt for the lawn mower (YUCK) but my wonderful son is going to replace it for me. Hope I will get to see my boy toys sometime this weekend...Gary had a minor procedure done today but everything turned out well so that is good news. And I got to help with registration at Fairforest Middle School today and had a BALL! (OK I know I have no life if I enjoyed doing registration) But I was in withdrawal as this was the first time in over 20 years I have not opened school. Plus I actually got to see an old teacher of mine (he taught me math when I was in the 7th grade) and he is still volunteering at the school - isn't that amazing? Hope everyone has a superfantastic weekend. Love, Nana :>

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