Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well it is almost hump day! How many more hours until 5 o'clock somewhere???? JK Had an absolutely wonderful time with Andrew and Zac Saturday night...went to Fuji to eat dinner, went shopping at Wally World (I am a redneck), then on to DQ for ice cream (Zac said he wanted what Andrew got and it scared me and Andrew both but he ate it and said it was really good - you go Zac!!!).

Just about everyone is back at work now - the printers are working overtime as well as the copiers! I think I am still trying to get into the groove of working again...I keep losing stuff which is not like me at all....but I will get it together - eventually.

Saturday night I am having dinner with my two favorite boy toys again - Gary and Roland and some of their friends....he said we were having surf and turf so I am looking forward to that. Should be a laugh a minute and I hope Gary will play his guitar some more...he use to play for me years ago and I LOVED IT! Always have been crazy about music! Guess I just won't grow up will I?

Have a great afternoon and much love from my house to yours (OMG I sound like Paula Deen now).


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